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I recently read an article in Oh Comely Magazine about how cooking for others can be a selfish act rather than a selfless one. As I read through the different scenarios, I began to understand why. When I cook for others I am looking for their approval of my efforts, I am cooking so I don't have to do the washing up, I am cooking so I can eat the food I enjoy most. This is odd isn't it, that I need someones approval for how I have cooked a meal, and that you can sometimes feel the need to apologise for not doing well enough. I enjoy average meals, the meals you eat week in week out, the pasta with the sauce from the jar and whatever cheese you may or may not have in the fridge.

There are times when you see people on social media showing off the brunch they made for them and their friend, but to me brunch is breakfast but a bit later I mean come on it doesn't have to look pretty. I am guilty of posting pictures of my breakfast or smoothies on Instagram (@englishmademoiselle) and thinking about it that is a form of cooking for others, you want approval from people you have never met. The concept is a strange one, how cooking for other people can become more about your own well-being than theirs, especially when you cook for others on a regular basis.

xo, miriam

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  1. This is me all over! Whenever I make dinner for guests too I always feel like the 'average' meals aren't enough. Even though it's only ever close friends or family who really aren't all that fussed what they're fed haha! It's quite a nightmare really i'm just constantly on edge!

    Lovely lighthearted post sweetie! Really enjoyed reading it:)
    Kim xx
    And On That Note She Wrote

    1. I am definitely the same, I get so nervous if they will like it or not....
      Thank you,
      xo, Miriam