I Say It's Up To Fate

//Shirt - Zara//Jeans - Hollister//Shoes - Converse//

As I have mentioned several times over the last few months I have been working towards a smaller wardrobe within which I will prioritise buying what I see to be key pieces that are good quality and come from brands that share similar views in respect to style as me. I am also aware that over time my key pieces will change depending on my circumstances and where I live but for now this outfit contains two of my key pieces.

The first key piece is this pair of jeans, unlike my ripped jeans they can be worn dressed up or down, with dark and light colours and don't require me to wear tights underneath in the colder months. Now while Hollister don't exactly create clothes that are always to my taste I have never had a problem with their jeans. The cost per wear is really low especially for me as I wear jeans pretty much everyday of the year...

The other key piece is the pair of black converse. They are inconspicuous, unassuming and a little bit boring but I honestly don't know what I would do without these shoes I wear them far too often which is probably why my shoe collection is actually quite small compared to a lot of my friends... I wear these to uni, walking, occasionally to workout, on nights out, you name it I probably have worn them there. There is definitely a reason why Converse All Stars have such a great reputation, their shoes take a lot of wear and tear before they show any signs of it. And as for the shirt, I wouldn't call it a key piece but I would say it was a timeless piece given that I cannot remember a time when a striped shirt wasn't considered to make an outfit more put together.

XO, Miriam

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  1. Loving this outfit! Those jeans really are so flattering on you.
    Hope you're getting on alright. :)

    1. Thank you sweetie! I wear these jeans too much, they will start falling apart soon... I am getting on wonderfully, hope you are getting on well at Uni as well :)
      XO, Miriam