30 Day Minimalism Challenge| Week 4

The last week of the challenge involved another clear out, leaving black spaces in my life, and creating routines. Having become used to the purging of material things I found that clearing out my equivalent of a junk drawer easier than clearing out with my cosmetics or wardrobe, as I have become more discerning in what I need rather than what I want. Some of the other challenges required switching off my online life, which coincided with me visiting my friend in Dorset where there is no mobile signal, and I didn't feel the need to check my social media platforms all the time. I personally think that this challenge has taught me to appreciate the world around me as well as experience the virtual world in moderation. The challenge I struggled with most has to be the letting go of a goal, because I am still finalising my goals for the next few months.

The 30 days as a whole have taught me a lot about myself and what it is that I want  and what it is that I need. The only way in which I would say this challenge didn't suit me is that a large part of the challenge I completed whilst at university halls, so I a now repeating a lot of the clearing out back at home. On the whole I would say I enjoyed this experience and would recommend it to all of you, even if you just clear out your material possessions and not complete the other challenges.

xo, miriam

P.S. Happy Easter

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